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TAC-41 Hopup unit, “GBB” type


TAC-41 optional hopup unit, for “GBB” inner barrel & “GBB” hopup rubber. Parts included:


– T41-0226 hopup body “GBB” (aviation grade CNC construction)
– T41-0227 hopup rubber socket (aviation grade CNC construction)

– T41-0228 barrel clip (SS304 laser cut)

– T41-0202 hopup wheel

– T41-0203 concave nub

– T41-0224 feeder

– T41-0225 feeder spring guide

– T41-1008 spring

– HOP-316001 60° flat hopup rubber, “GBB” type

– M5X6 ISO7380-2 screw

– M3X6 ISO7462 screws (x3)

– M4X8 DIN7991 screw

– M4X5 ISO4027 screws (x2)

– oring 8×2 (x1)

– 4 mm ball plunger


This TDC (Top Dead Center) hopup has 0.75 mm nub travel amplitude, divided in 50 positions (15 µm per clic). It includes a feeding system to avoid double feed, a 60° flat “GBB” hopup rubber (SBA-HOP-41), and it is compatible with “GBB” hopup rubbers and “GBB” inner barrels. To accommodate different brand of barrel, it can be assembled either with the barrel clip, or with the 3 M3X6 screws.


Because of a different inner barrel position inside the hopup, this unit require inner barrels at least 3 mm shorter than the “AEG” hopup unit equipped with the same outer barrel to avoid inner barrel sitting out of the outer barrel.


– “510” outer barrel requires a 507 mm GBB inner barrel

– “420” outer barrel requires a 417 mm GBB inner barrel

– “330” outer barrel requires a 327 mm GBB inner barrel


This hopup unit is compatible with the advance hopup kit (SBA-HOP-34)


Instruction video for assembly: HERE


Please Note

When buying parts from Longbow BB Ltd, you confirm you have the required ability to install and tech your airsoft replica as required. 

Longbow BB Ltd do offer a paid for service option for us to look at your rifle and try to solve any issues you maybe having. 

We need to manage your expectations as we (Longbow BB Ltd) are unable to provide extensive hours of tech advice for parts purchased that have been installed by yourself. 

All parts are inspected before dispatch to ensure product quality.

TAC 41, Hop Up Unit, GBB type

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