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Carbon dummy suppressor


CNC aluminum (6000 series) base and head (with Oring compression attachment), Carbon fiber body (1.5mm) thickness.


  • 24mm CW thread
  • Outer Diameter : 40mm
  • Inner Diameter : 37mm
  • Length : 300mm
  • Weight : 170 Grams
  • 2 barrels spacers (NBR material, 37mm)
  • 10 open cells acoustic foam insert rings (5 small, 5 large)*


This suppressor muzzle attachment system by compression Oring allows installation of barrel spacer to use this item as a barrel extension (SBA-BBS-09 and SBA-BBS-12).


Due to the manufacturing process, all tubes present an overlap pattern, and may not be exempt of small visual defects.


  • 14mm CCW
  • 24mm CW

Silverback Size XL Carbon Suppressor

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