The new SCG NextGEN HALO screen trousers.


These over-trousers (they go over your existing trousers) are very light, tough & durable.


These are also elasticated at the waist and ankles to allow a superior and secure fit.


What is NextGen?

Masking from the NextGen line is a completely new direction in the world of masking systems.

SCG based our new products on HALO SCREEN technology.

HALO SCREEN is a revolutionary technology of personal masking. The system allows you to create ultra-light modular camouflage that have high adaptive properties in a diverse environments.


Properties of HALO SCREEN:

  • The camouflage is ready for use after being pulled out of the box
  • Very light compared to traditional ghillies
  • High resistance to extremely adverse weather conditions
  • High resistance to damage
  • Small volume after compressing
  • Works in nIR

SCG NextGEN HALO trousers