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As these are hand made to order, once your order has been made we are unable to refund.


Orders can take up to 15 working days to deliver as these are hand made to order.


These are possibly the most hard wearing and effective ghillies on the market.


SCG products are proven in the field and currently used by several NATO countries including the Norwegian Military.

Cobra Suit Recce Line 3D – first camouflage system in Europe made in 3D technology in MultiCam camouflage. Ultra – light , resistance to weather conditions and very small size after packing make it perfect product for an user who tries to reduce weight of his gear. Product does not need any further user-connected amendments before using it in the field. Works perfect with every type of clothing and tactical gear. Possibility of hiding a backpack (up to 3day size) under the cape part.

Technical specification:
100% Multicam®
100% MIL-SPEC synthetic materials
Total weight of 700g.
Resistant to weather conditions
One size fits all.

SCG 3D Cobra Recce Ghillie

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