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To celebrate Longbow's 5th Anniversary, we decided to build 3 very special, top end SRS rifles.


All are built to our specifications using the very best parts on the market offering not only a very stylish rifle but a practical and robust one as well. 


These are one off rifles that come with a certificate detailing each rifle's parts & build, signed by Jason at Longbow BB Ltd.


Longbow 5th Year Anniversary rifle No. 003 - G-Spec


This rifle is perfect for those wishing to deliver a long range punch in a tiny platform - the rifle is only 55cm long! (excluding suppressor). The suppressor is a lightweight Silverback Carbon suppressor for minimal weight with maximum noise suppression. 


Topped with a Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x24 Scope this will ensure you can see your hits on target with unparralled clarity.......and dont forget that VIP Vortex warranty!



  • Silverback SRS, Right handed in OD
  • Full EdGi Kit with SAP Piston 
  • Dual Stage Classic Trigger 
  • Silverback Open Sear
  • Silverback Fasthop
  • Silverback 70 degree bucking
  • Chub Nub v3
  • G-Spec Outer Barrel
  • Silverback Short Carbon Suppressor
  • Vortex Medium Hunter scope rings
  • Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x24 Optic
  • Nuprol Large Case - Custom engraved by the legends at Airsoft Anonymous
  • Shadowfoam - Custom cut by those legends at Airsoft Anonymous
  • 2 spare Silverback SRS Magazines
  • 1,000 Longbow 0.45 bb's
  • Longbow SRS Patch
  • Silverback Patch


These rifles are all built to UK power specifications (2.32 Joules) and optimised for maximum range. 


Optics are also zeroed in - this is a literal "plug and play" rifle 


Please note: This is an airsoft replica and cannot be converted to a real firearm in anyway shape or form 

Longbow 5th Year SRS - No. 003 (G-Spec)

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