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A large bag/case, made from tough durable nylon, is perfect for carrying your SRS, GBLS GDR15 and a Modify XTC .......or even a minigun!


In addition to all popular weapons of length less than 1000mm fit securely in the bag. It can be unzipped across the entire length and height ensuring easy access and convenient placing of the weapon inside the case.


This bag is strong, spacious and practical. It is lightweight and yet strong material with plenty of padding.

It could easily accommodate 3 rifles and it has  2 padded divider sections inside and this there is plenty of space for other equipment.


Walls of the case are filled with foam, the carrying system includes 2 straps with comfort-pads allowing the case to be carried as a regular bag or on your back like a rucksack.

Classic Army Triple Gun Bag

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