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Chub Nub V2 - SRS Fast Hop versionNever one to rest on his laurels, following the success of the Chub Nub, the V2 has been developed to further lock in the Silverback Fasthop system by locking in the hop arm itself by design. This will prevent any slight left/right movement which can cause a slight bias of pressure on the bucking affecting your shot. This has also been optimised in height so can be used for all sniper weight ammo (0.40g and above) - no more Light or Heavy nubs.Suggested set up recommendation:Silverback 70/80 degree buckingSilverback FasthopNot designed to be used with Rhop patches, these will cause a huge over-hopping situation with your bbs. Please note: the bridge is designed to be offset with the larger space being closest to the adjustment wheel.

SRS Chub nub V2

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